A Little Bit About Us:

Our Life Together

We have been married 14 fun-filled years. Marie is a High School English Teacher and hopes that one day her students will recognize that "conversate" is not a word:) Joe is a Sales Representative who has the luxury of working from home in his boxer shorts. We met through mutual friends, had an instant connection, and were married the following year. We recently added our adorable little puppy Bailey to our family.

Joe has a tremendous sense of humor that fills our marriage with laughter everyday. Marie has a sense of adventure that never let's things get boring. Together, we have a life filled with love, support and respect. No matter what comes our way, we are dedicated to each other and our family.

Our Promise
We have a stable, loving home and would be honored to provide your child the opportunity to grow and develop into the amazing human being of your creation. It is our hope that we can be a part of something bigger than us to take part in the magical journey of adoption. We realize that your decision is life-changing, extremely difficult and ultimately the most selfless decision any person could ever make. We respect and admire you already and hope to support you in any way we can.